In today's competitive market, it is important to have an accurate estimate for the materials needed to complete your job. Let us help you.

Successfully bid your next project and avoid costly delays by making sure you have what you need.

The foundation to an accurate estimate starts with quality information. A short consultation to define the scope and materials will ensure you receive the service for which Beatty is known. Quality blueprints and specifications will ensure that your quote is an accurate one.

Ken Cottrell has an Associate Degree in Construction Management and has been working in the construction industry since 1988. Rely on his experience to analyze your blueprints and specifications while creating your quote. Take the guesswork out of your next project and let Ken help make your next lumber-buying experience a pleasant one.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Your customer service makes me want to come back. Your staff made me feel welcome and seemed dedicated to my satisfaction without once making me feel like I was less important than the contractor standing next to me. Thank You.
K, Havertown

For the quality beadboard and trim! And thank you to Dan Gallagher for the great customer service as always.
Dan G.,